thank you, Lord

(a simple poem i wrote lovingly dedicated to our Lord

on this special day to celebrate

42 years of full life and  sweet love)


thank you Lord for the sunshine and moonlight

the raindrops and morning dew, the birds in flight

thank you Lord for the gentle wind and ocean breeze,

the fishes that dwell in the deep blue sea.


thank you Lord for the rich wildlife

the virgin forests and deserts wide

thank you Lord for the hills and valleys

the mountain tops and the rivers wild.

thank you Lord for flowers bloom, for fruits abound

for butterflies that flutter all around.


all these and more i dearly hold

their beauty, warmth and mystery unfold

i thank you Lord for dad and mom

who had to mold

my childhood memories foretold

my siblings, my friends, my family 

and everyone i’ve met and known

your love they’ve shared and sown.


but most of all, i thank you Lord

for this breath of life you breath in me

to feel great love and see such beauty

to make me best that i can be.

for this is the meaning of my life

to give all back to you

the love and kindness and even more

in all i’d ever  hope to do.