Harry Potter is my son!

“The firstborn of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb, or if you will not redeem it you shall break its neck. All the firstborn of your sons you shall redeem. And none shall appear before me empty-handed.”  Exodus 34:20

SPECIALIS REVELIO! This is a spell which causes an object to show its hidden secrets or magical properties. One of many in the Harry Potter series. Maybe, the very spell which causes HP followers to yearn for more.

When the first film was shown in movie theaters years ago, my children were then 9 and 6 – old enough to understand the story despite the accent, but young enough to be bedazzled with its awesome special effects.  From then on, our household increased by three – Megan, Miguel plus Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.  My kids loved their new-found siblings, and in Hogwarts, they would meet new friends with whom they would grow up with in time.

My kids indeed have grown now.  So did Harry, Hermione and Ron.  It is amazing to note the physical transformation.  But it is more noteworthy how their bond grew stronger through the years.

10 years, 7 books and 8 movies after, JK Rowling did a great job to steer our kids’ imagination towards a love affair with books.  Such that national bookstore was like a candy store to them.  The significant influence is written all over our children’s chosen career path.  Megan is a prolific writer with a passion for creative production layouts.  Miguel, on the other hand, dreams of becoming a filmmaker.  Thus, Harry Potter casts his spell .

We knew someday our kids would go and follow their own calling.  But Harry Potter had to go too, and we are sad that it all ends now.

On the contrary we are blessed, that in our time, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, their masters, friends and villains, came to life. Our household had been stupefied by their presence, and like a son, Harry Potter would live on in our hearts.

Thanks to GOD who is ever greater than magic and the creator of JK Rowling, Harry Potter would triumph over all evils for ages to come.  EXPECTO PATRONUM!

Francis M-ang kababayan ko, bagets forever

 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  Romans 12:2

kiko2Francis Magalona is now being laid to rest as I write.  it’s been almost a week now since he passed on and so many praises had already been said.  honestly, the moment i learned of his death, i instantly wanted to write about him.  but what really do i know about him except at a distance?  so i held back and watched on GMA7 as everyone close to him share anecdotes of what he was, as they all knew him.

the reason why i really feel sad is somehow because of the connection that we have.  i grew up in his Bagetsera.  bagets, that’s entertainment, breakdancing, spray nets, and tusok pants.   those were the years when we were bridging the gap from the age of the young to the age of the restless.  and it was a happy era.  a carefree generation.  a joyful batch.  so that in his death, a part of my bagets life died too.

looking back, i am truly amazed about how Kiko, as he is fondly called, was able to accomplish so much in such a short lifetime.  his life, as we all see it, was a full life.  he was all over the place. no lulls, no emptiness, no gaps.  his death was an exclamation point to a statement whose message we must all learn from.  and that statement is not to take life for granted.  ours is but just a journey. and whatever we can do today to make the world a better place as we pass by, then by all means, JUST DO IT. and NOW!

morbid as it may seem, and somehow a bit funny, i am already designing in my mind a slide show which i would want to be shown in my own wake or funeral with matching musical score.  i have even joked with bhoy that when i die,  i prefer that i also be cremated so that they will always have me close to them.  because you see, cancer or without, we are all dying in a different kind of way.  but then again, all that would no longer matter to me when i die.   but what is important now, is how i shall be living the days ahead of me fully. (how i wish with the same kindness, compassion, courage and drive that Francis M had).  we just need to be prepared and remember that everyday  is a gift.  a day that leads us closer to Home, and be with our Creator for eternity. 

kikoall of  Francis’ accomplishments and passion were already enumerated in all the other articles and blogs written about him.  i think, the real message of his life  is for us to reflect it in our own.  our life shall be measured by our good deeds, the trials that we overcome and  the people whose lives we touch.  and that is what Francis M had become.  over and above the accolades, he will be remembered as a man who truly cared, a man who truly loved, a man who truly lived.  touch act to follow, but then again, as Jesus’ sacrifice would not have been in vain, so should Kiko’s death.  Kiko lives for as long as we instill in our hearts his child-like submission to our Father’s will. 

(Francis Magalona)
So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices
Some are mad, while others laugh
Some live alone with no better half
Others grieve while others curse
And others mourn behind a big black hearse
Some are pure and some half-bred
Some are sober and some are wasted
Some are rich because of fate and
Some are poor with no food on their plate
Some stand out while others blend
Some are fat and stout while some are thin
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin’ round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world
Some are great and some are few
Others lie while some tell the truth
Some say poems and some do sing
Others sing through their guitar strings
Some know it all while some act dumb
Let the bassline strum to the bang of the drum
Some can swim while some will sink
And some will find their minds and think
Others walk while others run
You can’t talk peace and have a gun
Some are hurt and start to cry
Don’t ask me how don’t ask me why
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most
Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin’ round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world



coping with solitude

“He said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.’ People were coming and going in great numbers, and they had no opportunity even to eat.”  Mark 6:31

solitude is the state of being alone.  to some it is a relief from stress.  to be isolated in silence doing nothing.  it is a luxury to those who had to deal with the hustle and bustle of life, day in and day out of their busy lives.  solitude is a privilege to hear the voice of God.  solitude gives us the chance to wait for what God has to say to us and feel his presence in our hearts.

but to others, solitude is simply just being alone.  being isolated.  being left out.  some even equate being alone with being sad.  some suggested ways to cope with it are:

1.  start a hobby.  gardening maybe, or art crafts.  they calm the mind and body.

2.  raise a pet.  maybe a dog or cat that you can cuddle or play with. 

3.  read.  a book, newspaper or magazines that would stimulate your intellect.

4.  exercise. sweat it out.  (pick up that dumbbell that’s collecting dust already) or dance around. 

5.  be techy.  surf the net, call mom and dad, chat with friends, play with the psp, blog

6.  cook.  be creative.  experiment with new recipes.

7.  watch a movie.  unable to go to the theater lately?  now’s the time to catch up.

8.  introspect.  there’s no better time to examine yourself, reorganize your life and plan your future.

9.  go out.  meet new people.  meet old friends.  see new places.

after all these have been tried and tested,  and still nothing worked, go back to the paragraph about solitude and try see it in this perspective.  listen to the voice of God.  listen. and then, pray.  praying is our way of answering back the messages that we had listened to in our hearts.  it is such an awesome feeling to know there is always someone we can talk to.  we may not see Him through our human eyes, but if we looked deeper using the eyes of our faith, we can actually see his presence in our lives. and surely Jesus is there all the time.  keeping us company. and amen! we are never alone after all.


“It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than in a roomy house with a quarrelsome woman.” Proverbs 25:24

last night, my husband and i had such a hilarious time watching the movie ‘duplex’ on tv starring ben stiller (alex rose) and drew barrymore (nancy kendricks).  it’s about a newlywed couple who moves to their new home.  it was a dream house, perfect to raise a family in and ideal for a writer like alex who needed just the right mood to finish his novel. but there was just one problem, there lived on their top floor as a tenant an old woman, mrs. connelly.  at first, alex and nancy thought she was just an old lady and tried to get along with her.  but mrs. connelly became overly demanding by asking the couple to do chores and ran errands for her.  she was even such a nuisance rehearsing with her brass band and watching tv at top volume all night long.  because of mrs. connelly, nancy messed up with her magazine job and eventually lost it; and alex’s laptop with his finished novel burnt and ran over by a truck.  these major disasters to their lives caused homicidal fantasies that led to evil plans on how to finally get rid of the old lady. 

so what was hilarious about all that?  it was the funny way that the couple’s story was told, highlighting how they tried to overcome each frustrating situation caused by mrs. connelly.  this is just a movie remember? but after the final scene was shown revealing how scheming the old lady was, we stopped and pondered.  how could she? mrs. connelly was just an old lady.  she’s not supposed to be a ‘treacherous witch’ anymore.  not at her age.  but that’s just one of life’s harsh realities.  evil chooses no age. it disguises itself to achieve its goal.  if not with age, maybe with looks, in other ways we’d always be surprise it can.  the movie also showcases how such nice people like alex and nancy, could be driven by such rage and forced to do bad things given the circumstances that they had gone through.  it was hilarious. because it was just a movie, remember?  but in real life, it is just one sad story.


There’s always a first time! I feel so excited and anxious about doing this, you know this blogging thing. I’m not really quite knowledgeable in this field yet. but I’m excited to learn. (help!)

There are lots of reasons that motivated me to get into this.  One of them is to reach out to as many as possible, and in some way touch lives.  I have always wanted to be an angel. but I can’t grow wings so maybe I just have to make use of my gifts as a human being to be of help to others.  I’m not sure in what way, but that’s the closest I think I could get to being an angel. 

I’m a Catholic, over forty, a wife, a mother, a college degree holder, a lover of art and music, loves to cook, write, watch the news, and some tv series and lots of movies.  That’s basically me.  So if you happen to need to talk about any of these, or anything ‘alien’ to me at all, I shall be glad to hear from you.  Who knows maybe I could be of help and touch your life.  Or perhaps, be your angel on earth.