“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” – Acts 4:32
We have been praying to receive our annual bonus.  Oil and gas companies are not doing well in the Middle East, so our expectation is as low as our revenue.

But hope is there until we received the email confirmation that there will be no bonus or salary increment this year. Oh well, we’re still grateful that we still have jobs.  Our faith is in God’s plan.

We would not know what exactly the plan is, until it unfolds before our eyes.

Then I remember the story that’s gone viral in the internet, about a student who they say is Einstein (though some say it ain’t him). He argued with his teacher that there is no evil, but the absence of God in our heart.  Much like there is no darkness, but the absence of light.

Abundance in the universe is always there ready for our picking.  It’s just up to us which kind we choose to see, partake and share.

So scarcity is actually non-existent.  It is the absence of an abundant mindset and the presence of a selfish existence.

If our mind dwells in what we lack, no amount of wealth can satisfy us. But if we choose abundance in whatever form, nothing will ever fall short.

Bonus or not, I choose to always be grateful, because if God is all I have then I have everything I need.

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