“I will praise Thee, for Thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation”. Psalms 118:21

Been wanting to do this for quite some time now, but just didn’t have the time. The passion is always there.  Just didn’t have the time.

Same dilemma most of us face each passing day. Just didn’t have the time to do the things that make us come alive.  Instead, we commit ourselves everyday to that safe corner in the same seat doing the same things that we really hate to do, yet we find it safe to deny. and just bear the pain of  living a life that we actually hate… And worst, never even realize it.  just because we didn’t have enough time.  or rather we tend to complicate everything, it takes more time than necessary.

Now i finally found a way to make time for what matters to me.  SIMPLIFY!  That by keeping things simple, we can make the most of our time.  I’m positive that with determination and a bit of creativity plus a lot of humor, I can do it.

God help me 🙂 Hope you can too!

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