“Give Thy servant an understanding mind to govern Thy people, that I may discern between good and evil…”  1 Kings 3:9

 I was told it is getting really hot back home in the Philippines.  The onset of summer is quite early this year.  Warnings of the effects of el nino such as drought and rotating brownouts are already in the headlines, as well as the expected rise in power rates and prices of some basic commodities.  Also expected are the high incidence of heat strokes and skin diseases.

But the Pinoy air gets hotter by the day even more, thanks to Pinoy politics.  In the months that follow,  May promises to become the hottest because of the elections that will take place.  The voting population are now divided between the hopefuls and the skeptics, and even more are the candidates. It is unavoidable that this competing personalities, parties and machineries will clash in pursuit of either power or genuine service to the people. 

It is therefore my fervent prayer, that these so-called leaders who are running the race would be like King Solomon who asked the Lord for an understanding mind to govern the people, not for power;  nor fame, nor fortune that usually come with such power.  But for the sake of our children, and of our children’s children, the one who is blessed to discern between what is good and evil would win the race.

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