“Train up  a child the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


my grade school memories are happy and carefree.  but i never really thought that there will be valuable lessons that would be relevant to this era.  my fondest memories are already pushed back at the farthest end of the vault called my brain.  and most are worth pulling out once in a while.   one of them was the balance beam.

we usually had field days once every school year.  and during our fifth grade, our presentation showcased our ability to display grace and endurance as we struggle to keep from falling, and at the same time execute our repertoire.  i can still vividly remember how it required constant practice and deep concentration to stay on the narrow piece of wood and maintaince balance.  and if in case we fell, which we did countless times during rehearsals, we were also taught how to land safely and minimize injuries.

now as my husband and i are in the process of raising two teenaged kids, the skills that we learned from the balance beam have become very useful.  as it is, there is no manual on how to raise a child after we have given birth.  and up to now, there really is no effective step by step procedure on how to properly raise our children.  one step may work with one kid, but not with another.    apparently, there are as many ways as there are as many children.  for each is a unique person, and hence unique ways on how to take care of each individual. 

going back to the balance beam, taking care of our two kids is like walking on it.  to get on the balance beam, our deep concentration is a primary requisite.   our priorities must focus on their needs as human beings that have souls.  i think we’re pretty much okey with that.  but to maintain our balance requires constant practice.  either we would be too strict, that our kids would start to rebel against us; or we are too lenient and complascent that they would shoot off like firecrackers in different directions, but after the burst of splendid beauty, no longer knew where they headed.


our youngest miguel is a special angel.  he is the shy and silent type.  he is intelligent.  he is witty.  he is funny when he wants to be.  he is sentimental and sensitive.  he has a bad temper, but he surely tries very hard to control it.  he loves to stay on the computer more than he wants to chat with us.  but we definitely love to watch movies together.   and starbucks too.  and it is his birthday today. 

we thank the Lord for bringing Miguel into our lives.  he is one of God’s greatest blessings to our family.   a gift that reminds us that life is a balance beam.  that we must constantly learn to keep our balance.  and if ever we make mistakes as parents and fall, we must climb back and do better next time.  together with our children, we should continue to tread the path that God has planned for us from the beginning of time.  God made us become parents and it is our duty to strive to be the best parents that we could ever be.  in doing so, we may offer back to Him two magnificent human beings worthy to be called His children. 


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