“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24

young michaelthere’s no doubt about it.  Michael Jackson is the man.  based on worldwide reaction on the news of his death, there’s no denying that indeed, Michael is king.

when i read about his passing on the internet, all i could feel was shock and sadness.  although i don’t know him personally, he left a void that only a Michael Jackson could fill.

my first conscious memory of my love for music started with a tiny piece of a record player.  and there were two records that stood out from the rack. one was a local pinoy record of cinderella (?) “sa aking pag-iisa”, the flipside now escapes my memory.  and the other one was Michael’s  “ben” and “one day in your life”.  these records were played over and over again, so that at my tender pre-school age, i could already sing both songs correctly, and in tune.  thus started my unconscious connection with Michael Jackson. 

i am not really a die-hard fan.  but i love his songs and his uniqueness as a performer.  i practically grew up with his music.  Christmas was never complete without his “give love on Christmas day”. and when i was old enough for teenage love,  “she’s out of my life” was a favorite during LQs (lovers’ quarrels).  when love got deeper, it just got more romantic with ” i just can’t stop lovin’ you”. happy times were accompanied by “rock with you” and “black or white” or “pyt”.  most probably, he’s also the reason why Gary Valenciano is one of my top local favorites.  he moves and grooves muck like MJ too.  aside of course, from his deeply religious and inspirational songs.   and as i mature into a young lady, my awareness about the world’s urgent and more serious concerns were awakened by “we are the world” and “heal the world”.

his music became part of the soundtrack of my own life.  my favorite is “the man in the mirror”.  it somehow became a personal anthem of mine, believing that if ever i want to change something in the world for the better, i must begin with myself first.  it somehow gave me a deeper perspective about man’s existence.  and i knew somehow deep inside of me, that song had such a relevant impact on how i see myself in the context of being a part of the human race.

although Michael’s personal life may have sounded out of tune at times, we must remember that we have no right to judge anybody, much less someone who had made such a huge difference in the lives of many.  and if ever he had any faults, then who ever has none? so he never experienced an ideal childhood and preferred a reclusive life, so what? who can blame him for that?  all that matters now  is how his life, and his musical gifts that God had endowed upon him, had taught us. 

goodbye Michael…your music will forever live on.











we too, have our own God-given talents.  are the gifts that God has blessed us with, remain wrapped and hidden? is there something too, that is unique in us that we also ought to share? something that would make another’s life more profound and meaningful?  aahhh… we would never know, unless we take a look at ourselves…  i’m starting with the lady in the mirror.

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