“He advanced a little and fell prostrate in prayer saying, “‘My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will’.” Matthew 26:39

 it was a very ordinary morning in the office.  but after the brief meeting with the boss, it turned out to be one that would that would change not only the mood for the day.  but the general outlook in the office for days to come. 

 after the new year, we were all in a “fresh start” mode.  the past one was not as good as the previous years in terms of business, so they all say.  in fact, in global terms, it was disaster.  though the company was already starting to feel the crunch, our team is exceptionally determined and hopeful that we shall brave the stormy weather.

Mr. Wayne's Moody KSA family
Mr. Wayne's Moody KSA family
our team is a merging of different nationalities who blend together on a common vision.  it embodies the ideals of each individual employee.  and despite differences in opinions and disagreements on certain minor issues, at the end of the day, these diversities are molded to form a strong bond to which the company leans on during times when it needs support the most.

but what really holds our team together is the company’s best asset.  his name is Wayne Allen

Mr. Wayne
Mr. Wayne

and this morning he announced that he would soon be leaving.   

first reaction was shock.  we never saw this coming. 

and then, concern.  in our minds, we were all asking the same questions ‘why?’ 

then, anxiety.  his leaving would greatly affect the team.  but how?

and finally, that lingering sadness.

it’s only been three months since i first joined Moody.  the first impression that Mr. Wayne had on me is how simple, straightforward and intelligent he is.   and during the months that followed, the first impression proved to last. 

he always remembers to express his appreciation even for the smallest deed, or simplest instruction that we followed.  and he would always praise us for reports  well done and on time.   he is gentleman enough so as to refrain himself from saying !#*!?^$&@#?!+=^  words during meetings because ladies were present.  he is always ready to listen to whatever we had to say.  no matter how silly it may seem,  he would still like to hear what’s on our minds. 

he calls our attention for our inaction.  he scolds us when we do wrong, but he is humble enough to apologize when he thinks he had already scolded us too much.  well most managers do that too.  but these things he does in a way only Wayne Allen can.

Mr. Wayne with Mr. Hussein, Nelson, Bong, Riyaz and Rehan
Mr. Wayne with Mr. Hussein, Nelson, Bong, Riyaz and Rehan
he is a good boss.  but as for me, considering the numerous companies that i had already been with, he is the best boss that i ever had.  but on top of that, he is a good man.  he brings out the best in us. he inspires us.  he moves us.  he cares for us.  he is special.   he is one of a kind.  he’s one great, cool guy.  that’s what sets him way above the rest.

in this lifetime, we are fortunate enough to come across extraordinary people like Wayne Allen.  and we are all overwhelmed with sadness, because our journey with him is soon to end.  but the seeds of  kindness that he planted in our hearts shall bear fruits to do our jobs the best we can with pride.  it’s the least that we could do to remember him by. 

though the office would be gloomy for quite a while after he leaves, we shall also be happy that somewhere in some part of the world, others shall be as blessed to know him and work with him. 

It is always an honor to have worked with you.  We will be missing you SIR WAYNE!

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