“But I believe I shall enjoy the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:13-14

it’s been a week now since i started working again in an office environment.  i’ve waited for this job for months now and boy, was i really thankful and excited when they finally called me.  my first day was quite scary.  i was ah hour anda half early because my husband had to drive me to my workplace before proceeding to his.  since the main door was still closed, i had to wait in the hallway of the 2nd floor all alone, with the familiar setting which i usually see in horror movies.  you know, long hallway, not a single sound, not a single face in sight.

but then again, all waiting had to end somehow, and the holder of the key finally came.  it was after i prayed the rosary andeven had a short conversation with the Lord telling Him how scared i was. somehow talking to Him gave me the courage that i needed during times like that.   and somehow i thought, this was a blessing in disguise since it gave me a much needed quiet time in the midst of this world full of chaos.  that quiet time also made me think about how my life, and maybe most of anybody else’s too, is all about waiting.

when we were kids, we waited:  for the school bus, for recess, for home sweet home after school, for playtime, for pasalubongs, for Christmas, for birthdays…

when we were teens, we waited:  for campings, for our favorite teachers, for our crushes to pass by our classrooms, for the prom, for love letters (no cellphones yet), for summer vacations, for graduation, for birthdays, for Christmas…

when we were in college, we waited:  for enrolments (long queues notwithstanding), for cute professors, for exam results, for classcards, for sundo, for sembreaks, for balls, for gimiks, for concerts, for movie premiers, for summer vacations, for graduation, for Christmas, for birthdays…

after graduation, we waited: for job interviews, for employment, for paydays, for bonuses, for promotions, for pay hikes, for friday nights, for gimiks, for weekend breaks, for longer breaks, for love, for wedding proposals, for weddings, for Christmas? (it depends on how many godchildren one has), for birthdays? (it depends on one’s outlook in life now)…

after the wedding (if any), we waited: for the baby, and another, and maybe more babies, for their first smile, first dapa, first step, first birthday, their 7th and 18th birthdays, their sembreaks, their graduations, and Christmas again having more meaning now with the kids around…

when the kids settle on their own, we shall be waiting:  for retirement, (if lucky enough…) for scheduled vacations and trips abroad, for Christmas when the kids will surely be coming home for reunions…

and after that, when the time comes that we are just about to pass on,  can we precisely tell ourselves that we had a full life?  or life just passed us by and we didn’t even notice, because we were too busy waiting. and for what?  seize the moment now.  make the most of it. value what really matters. hold it dearly in your hands. savor the love.  smell the roses.  feel the warm sunshine.  to wait is only meaningful if it is Jesus that we are waiting for.  and before He comes again, it would please Him if we made the most of the life that our Father had gifted us with.  because we shall pass this way but once.

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