“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.  Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds In Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

my daughter sent me franctic messages the other day.  she was overwhelmed with just too much to do and she thought there was just too little time to finish all of them.  you see, it is Megan’s first semester in the university. and like all of our first times, this is one heck of a hard time for her.  but i believe in her drive and perseverance, her guts and strong will.  if only for those qualities, i knew she could pull through.

but in those precious but few moments that my daughter was able to squeeze in for us to chat, there were words of wisdom that we were able to share with each other. but first i just let her do all the omg’s, the hmmp’s and whatever sighs she had to let out.  then i did all the lol’s.  and before we knew it, she already forgot what she was whimpering about in the first place. and we said our goodnights knowing for sure that the next day, she’d be alright.  that she’d be just fine.

apparently what was causing her panic was really nothing compared to what we, adults experience everyday.  i remember watching the other night in ‘the insider’ a feature about the rise in the number of suicide cases in the US recently because of the current financial breakdown that they are suffering from. it is a sad reality; so very sad indeed.  on the other hand, in cnn there were features every now and then too about how people are coping in some parts of africa and i am amazed that most of them still persist in what to us seem such the most difficult and harsh conditions for a people to live in and survive.  those afflicted with aids and those dying of hunger, we never heard about them committing suicides. but rather, they hang on to the last threads of their precious lives with what’s left of their humanity.  but their spirits were larger than life.  their hopes even stronger. and i guess that’s what keeping them alive. the magic word here is hope.  if we live not looking forward to tomorrow, then our todays would be meaningless. 

if somehow though, our today is in a state of panic and chaos, STOP! and for a while, close our eyes and let’s take a deep breath.  and think about this- we have 24 hours until tomorrow.  we can only do so much.  and if tomorrow finds that our human limitations reduces us to that weakling who cannot do anything at all, let us remember it is in our weakest that we are strong.  for our strength is in God. 

do you remember a time when you were still a kid, when you felt left out and it was like the whole world was against you?  when you tell you parents your concerns with matching tears and sobbing as if the world is going to end?  remember how it made you feel better when they said that everything’s going to be alright and that they love you no matter what?  it made us feel better because we believed that what they said was true.  but now that we’re too old to run to our parents (if they are still alive) and sob everytime the world is falling down around us, there is our Lord who never fails.  if our parents loved us too much that they would protect us from all the hurts and pains, how much more our Lord whose love is the greatest.

Megan would survive the first semester (and all the other sems of her life no matter how tough the going gets). she is intelligent. she is hard-working.  she is persistent.  but she also believes that first and foremost, it is the Lord who makes her so. therefore she will always be in GOOD HANDS. and so shall we be, if we only put our trust in Him. like Megan does.

One thought on “being Megan, being hopeful

  1. Very inspiring words. Megan will surely make it, she seems to be a very smart young woman 🙂 good luck to her!

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