“By calling this covenant “new”, He has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear.”  Hebrews 8:13

our television for ten years had already showed signs of aging.  like an older human being, its reflexes are now quite slow.  It will take minutes after you switch on to show any sign of “life” at all.  and after it does,  what you will be able to see after, are distorted images of faces and disproportionate bodies.  at first, we find it amusing, and there were times we even burst into laughter.  imagine your favorite stars and other celebrities turn up looking like mutants and aliens, sometimes even like Freddie Krueger and that infamous ‘scream’ mask. LOL!  gosh, how much more if we watch a re-run of Nightmare on Elm Street.  or maybe, well, just maybe,  Freddie would look like Brandon Routh this time. (hi Megan!)

after a week though, we are no longer amused.  we now find it annoying.  you know, it’s difficult not to see the real picture.  especially when we watch the news, when everthing ought to be accurate.  now, what if all that we see is not the truth? what if facts were replaced with realities that are unreal?  we will be getting the wrong information, and we will be making the wrong decisions based on those wrong perceptions. 

so we think this tv thing is trivial?  as i stare at this idiot box that it is now turning into, i seem to see people distorted in selfishness, anger, greed and other human failings and shortcomings.  but the beauty of it all is, there is always hope for mankind.  if we overcome all these negativity around us, we shall be born again and our damaged selves shall exist no more. 

imagine if all of us become as vivid, as lively, as colorful, and as beautiful as the pictures we see in the tv screens in a store display.  aaah! nice will be an understatement.  maybe awesome. or just bravo! (or did i hear bravia?) yeah it’s still possible.  change is permanent anyway.  but it’s gonna be too good to be true.  i just wish it’s just as easy as buying a new tv.

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