“Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

for over a week now, we are being awed, amazed and astonished by record-breaking performances in the Beijing Olympics of 2008.  who can ever forget the nerve-wracking feat of Michael Phelps.  he is a phenomenon.  he is a hero to other aspiring athletes.  even my teenage daughter posted on her bulletin “i love you phelps!”.  there’s quite a long list now of gold, silver and bronze medal awardees. and still counting…

i’m not really a sports person.  all i wanted to watch in the olympics  were the opening ceremonies.  but because my husband is such a fan especially with aquatics, basketball and athletics, i get to watch some of the games too.  i get excited.  and sometimes, i get lost in the game not realizing i sometimes scream to encourage some of the athletes i’m routing for.

but you know what?  i can’t help but wonder about the greatness of God in the midst of all these display of human excellence.  indeed, if such human beings can accomplish such great feats, you can just imagine how great their Maker is.  behind each athlete, i could see God’s angels pushing on. whatever nationality, whatever their religion, we are all His children. and whatever differences we may have, in these game we are all magnetized to one power source greater than any athlete could ever display. 

yes the Beijing Olympics is a celebration of human strength, speed and endurance. of awesome artistic displays.  of oneness.  of brotherhood.  but amidst all these glory, it leads us back to the One source of it all.  he is the one true champion.  the greatest.  the strongest.  the fastest.  and for that, the greatest glory and praise to our Lord God who makes all these things possible.

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