“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things will be given you besides.”  Matthew 6:33

praise God for all His grace and glory!  yesterday, i had an initial job interview with the chief finance officer of a reputable hospital.  today, i would like the whole world to know that i have been able to go through it all because of God’s unending mercy and greatness. 

days before that i really was in a dilemma if i should go or not.  you see, i have another offer from a multinational company which i really preferred.  i would have rather waited for them to call first.  but there’s no way to be certain which really is a better choice. so again, i asked God for his guidance.  you know, let Him lay out all the  pros and cons. all i needed to do was sit still and quietly discern all the clues and do my best. so there during the course of the interview, matters of grave importance which was of no concern for me before were brought up.  and then, i had a better perspective.  no longer do i see choices in a one track point of view. i believe God showed me which way to go.  and i was glad that i let Him. as always.  what happens next?  guess i still have to find out and reserve the answers for my next blog.  but sure is all for the best. 

Thank you Lord.

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