“…You are my help; do not cast me off; do not forsake me, God my savior!  Even if my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me in.” Psalm 27:9-10

new places, new faces… it is such a frightening experience to go to college and live in a dorm.  it’s like going to the airport and boarding the plane for the first time.  we are reminded how happy it was to come home everyday knowing mom prepared warm, delicious meals that we need after grueling days in school.  it was a delight to kid around with our baby brother whom we share the room with, to throw pillows at each other even after lights out.  and how secure we were whenever father comes home knowing ahhh! we’re finally all together, complete and safe in the warmth of each others’ love.  now in the cold four corners of our dorm room, they are still with us…smiling back at us…only this time, just in that one happy photo which captured that sweet moment when we were still together. nothing beats that oneness of a family.  not even the perks of independence.

now we are independent.  or maybe learning to.  every morning we manage our own time; go to school and back; pass by the library or student center anytime.  no hurry coming home to dorm now.  maybe cook or eat out- whatever we feel like eating. don’t care if it’s healthy stuff or not. go to bed early or late. whenever we want to with no one to check on us if we are still wide awake or already dreaming. the following day would turn out most likely just the same.  if we are the normal and disciplined type, this routine follows until graduation day.  then we had to move on again. and that’s already another story.

but we go through the process.  we miss our family.  we crave for their company.  we cry out our loneliness.  all part of the process.  but change is constant. after all the tears have dried, a part of ourselves is watered like that of a plant that needs it for its flowers to bloom. we learn to become stronger.  we discover capabilities that we never imagined we had.  and the one thing most important about being alone is that, we learn the value of the people we love who we always take for granted because they were always there.  these people who annoyed us because they tend to  become overly caring and protective of us.  now we learn to realize how much these people meant to us.

and with these people that we love in our hearts, and in the depths of our solitude, that is when we feel the Lord’s presence in our lives.  no distractions.  only the Lord and us. isn’t it such a comfort to feel that we are not alone after all? and never we will be.  for as long as we had been born up until we breathe our last, our Lord is the one constant in our lives.  and like the plant that was watered, we ought resolve that wherever our future may bloom like a flower, our roots remain deep in our home’s sweet ground, and our arms be lifted up like branches towards our special place in heaven.

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