There’s always a first time! I feel so excited and anxious about doing this, you know this blogging thing. I’m not really quite knowledgeable in this field yet. but I’m excited to learn. (help!)

There are lots of reasons that motivated me to get into this.  One of them is to reach out to as many as possible, and in some way touch lives.  I have always wanted to be an angel. but I can’t grow wings so maybe I just have to make use of my gifts as a human being to be of help to others.  I’m not sure in what way, but that’s the closest I think I could get to being an angel. 

I’m a Catholic, over forty, a wife, a mother, a college degree holder, a lover of art and music, loves to cook, write, watch the news, and some tv series and lots of movies.  That’s basically me.  So if you happen to need to talk about any of these, or anything ‘alien’ to me at all, I shall be glad to hear from you.  Who knows maybe I could be of help and touch your life.  Or perhaps, be your angel on earth.

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